• Upgrades are available for items and/or services to select pre-coordinated beach wedding packages for your Florida destination beach wedding.
  • No offsite Items, Vendors, or Services are allowed due to liability restrictions and limitations.
  • If you have any questions concerning our upgrade menu or any of our packages contact us today!
Minister Upgrade


Traditional Bridal Arch
(decorated w/Sheers & silk swags)
Square Bridal Arbor
(Elegant White Wrought Iron Square Bridal Arbor W/Sheers & Flower Side Swags Or Starfish Garland Or Ivy Or Flower Garland )
Neo Classical Arbor
TWO (2) White Classical Columns w/silk floral arrangements
TWO (2) Floral accented bamboo poles w/sheers
(with Starfish Accents)
12 Decorated and Lighted Tiki Torch and Conch Shell Bridal Path
(with rose petals)
Tulle & Wrought Iron Bridal path
(with rose petals)
Decorated Tiki Torches
$30.00 Each

Flowers (fresh only)

Single Long Stem Flowers
(Your Color Choice with Ribbon)
$25.00 each
Calla Lilies
(With Ribbon)
Bridal Bouquets
(Asian lilies, roses, Gerbera daisies)
(hand held, wrapped in satin w/pearl pins)
$150.00 & up
Custom Designed Bridal Bouquet
(w/mix of flowers)
$250.00 & up
Brides Maids Bouquets
$50.00 & up
Toss Bouquet
Rose Petals
(Fresh Only – No silk on beach)
$35.00 & up
$15.00 & up
$35.00 & up

Wedding Chairs

Elegant White Resin Wedding chairs w/padded seats
(price includes delivery, site prep, set-up, and take-down)
$12.50 Per Chair

Wedding Cakes

1 tier (10″ square or round traditional wedding cake)
w/icing roses or fondant bow topper
1 Tier (10″ square or round)
With Fresh Rose or Flower Topper
1 Tier Wedding Cake
10″ Sea shell cake w/real shells and buttercream frosting
2 Tier Wedding Cake
with Icing Roses or Silk Topper
2 Tier Wedding Cake
with Fresh Rose or Flower Topper
2 Tier Sea Shell Wedding Cake w/real shells(Square or Round)
Signature Sea Shell Wedding Cake W/Edible White Chocolate Shells(Square or Round)
1 tier $250.00
2 tier $375.00
3 tier $525.00
Designer Sand Castle Wedding Cake
Groom’s cakes
Starting at $100.00


Professional Videography
(Edited Only)


Professional Live Musicians
$475.00 per hour & up
Sound System – (Cordless Mike And Amp)
(Recommended If Over 50 Guests)


Call for information and pricing